AE45 - 6S LTO Lithium Battery (SHIPS IN 1 DAY)

Sale price$1,599.99


  • Safe and proven Lithium Titanium Oxide chemistry
  • Extremely high cycle life (>40,000 cycles)
  • High discharge rate (50C constant, 75C burst)
  • Custom injection molded ABS case
  • Actively balanced
  • Fully machined 6061 aluminum busbars
    • 18x 2/0 Inputs (Positive and Negative)
    • 18x 2/0 Lug Mounting Spots (Positive and Negative)
    • All hardware included (set screws and lug screws)
  • Assembled in the USA


Length - 18.82"
Width - 10.77"
Height - 6.55"

We strive to keep all models in-stock, these units will ship within 1 business day.

True Amplifier Power Ratings*:

16.0V Charging (Recommended)

  • 32,400W - Standalone (Burst <5s)
  • 25,200W - Standalone (Burst <15s)
  • 22,800W - Standalone (Constant)
  • 24,000W - With Stock Alt
  • 25,000W - With 200A Alt
  • 26,000W - With 300A Alt

15.5V Charging

  • 27,000W - Standalone (Burst <5s)
  • 20,250W - Standalone (Burst <15s)
  • 19,000W - Standalone (Constant)
  • 20,200W - With Stock Alt
  • 21,200W - With 200A Alt
  • 22,200W - With 300A Alt


Cell Power Ratings**:

16.0V Charging (Recommended)

  • 40,500W - Standalone (Burst <5s)
  • 31,500W - Standalone (Burst <15s)
  • 28,500W - Standalone (Constant)
  • 30,000W - With Stock Alt
  • 31,000W - With 200A Alt
  • 32,000W - With 300A Alt


     We DO NOT recommend charging below 15.2V. Premature failures resulting from undercharging are not covered by warranty.


    * - True Amplifier Rating is the expected power support at 80% amplifier efficiency. This rating was added to better help customers understand their output support.
    ** - Cell Power Rating is the original power pulled from the battery before amplifier efficiency is calculated.


    Please note: All lithium batteries will be shipped via UPS Ground. This incurs an additional $50 charge per shipment on top of normal shipping rates. Someone must be home to sign for the package, signature is required. Batteries are shipped at 30% State-of-Charge and MUST BE CHARGED BEFORE USE.

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